The weather has been pleasant over the last couple of days, but it’s going to get hot again.

Wednesday’s highs of 97 are close to average temps for this time of year and then widespread 100's return starting on Thursday.

10 day weather planner.

With 100's returning to the forecast, let's take a look at how many 100 degree days we’ve had so far for the month of July:

  • Sacramento Executive Airport: 8 days
  • Downtown Sacramento: 9 days
  • Stockton: 10 days
  • Modesto: 12 days
  • Vacaville: 10 days

This stretch of triple digit temperatures will stick around for several days. Check out the 10-day planner! Whoa!

Heat rises quickly in cars.

With temperatures like this, here are few heat safety tips to remember:

  • Drink water and stay hydrated
  • Stay in the A/C
  • If you are outside, take plenty of breaks.
  • Find shade from the sun
  • Wear light colored and light weight clothing
  • Check on the elderly & young children
  • Check on your pets