On Friday, Kohl's Elementary School and Walton Development Center came together for their annual 'Day in the Dirt' event.

The event consists of a marathon on the levee in the morning, followed by a carnival. It's something the kids look forward to every year.

"The levee is right across from the school," said Megan Law, parent of two students at Kohl's. "Both schools do a lot of walking on the levees."

The schools are right next to each other. Walton Development Center is a school for students who may have special needs. Maybe they have seizures often or maybe they need a wheelchair.

Hundreds of students, parents and volunteers showed up.

"It's not about the fastest or finishing first," said Law. "It's about finishing the race and feeling good about yourselves."

Law adds that everyone cheers each other on. As the race was about to finish, a speeding driver ran over the wheelchair ramps used to get those students in wheelchairs across the street and up to the levee.

Law said plenty of parents volunteers were wearing bright gear and held slow and stop signs.

"She braked after she hit it, she knew she hit something," said Law. "She just kept on driving. Accidents happen...but not to stop. Obviously, you see there's an event going on."

Luckily, the parents noticed more than the kids did. So this small setback isn't going to take away the big lesson.

"[Kids] don't see it as this person is in a wheelchair or a walker," said Law. "They're learning that everybody's the same. You have the same heart. I teach my kids it's not a disability. It's the ability to keep going."

And that's exactly what they plan to do. Law posted about the speeding driver on Facebook, hoping she would see it and feel some sense of guilt.

Instead, dozens have come forward, asking how they can help replace the wheelchair ramps and donate to the school.

If you're interested in making a donation, you can drop it off at Walton Development Center at 4131 Crown Ave, Stockton, CA 95207 in Stockton. They resume school next week, after spring break.