A Sacramento apartment complex has a duck dilemma — and it's distressing many neighbors.

Dozens of ducks are roaming the Selby Ranch Apartment Homes — living in the grass and drinking out of small buckets of water provided by neighbors — after two ponds on the property were drained leaving them with no place to go.

Many people who live at the complex are upset about the treatment of the ducks.

"Residents are basically feeding them water out of little tiny pans, so it's a very sad scene to see," Gary Boram, who has lived there for two years, told ABC10. "And we just hope the best for them and it's not right, and we know they deserve better."

Boram, who said the building's management has brushed off his concerns, added that if the ponds aren't built back, that he believes the next best thing is to find the ducks a new home.

ABC10 reached out to the complex's management office and was told there was no one available to speak on the issue.

Another challenge is that ducks are domesticated, so they can't just be put back in to the wild.

"It's a no-man's land for these domestic ducks," Boram, who has been doing his research on ducks so he can try to help, explained.

Wildlife experts doing consider them wildlife, but animal control doesn't consider them domesticated, he said.

After posting about the situation on the NextDoor app, he said he's had people reach out offering to take the ducks to ponds of duck sanctuaries. He would like to take them up on the offer, but said he needs to wait for management approval.