A woman has been charge with felony DUI and homicide charges after crashing and killing one passenger of an ATV she was driving. 

According to a press release from CHP-Grass Valley Area, on Saturday night, Carlee D’Arata left a house party in Grass Valley in an ATV with several passengers. As she was speeding, she lost control of the vehicle and overturned, ejecting one of the passengers who wasn't wearing a seatbelt. 

D’Arata and other passengers fled the scene before police and EMTs arrived. Emergency services personel attempted to rescue Antonette Thevenin, the ejected victim, but she eventually died from her injuries.

D’Arata was eventually found and arrested by CHP. They determined she was "significantly impaired" from alcohol at the time of the collision. D’Arata also has a prior DUI conviction. She's been charged with felony DUI causing great bodily injury as well as homicide.

This is an active investigation. Additional charges for D’Arata and others involved may still come from CHP.