LOUISVILLE (WHAS) - Starting on Monday, August 21, e-cigarettes and hookah smoking will be banned in public areas as an extension under the Smoke-Free Ordinance. This ban comes as part of an effort to create a healthier community.

The Smoke-Free Ordinance was amended on May 11 and Mayor Greg Fisher signed the legislation on May 22. E-cigarettes and hookah smoking were not widely available when the original ordinance was passed.

“This will protect our residents and visitors alike from the harmful health effects of electronic cigarette and hookah emissions, and is yet another step toward making Louisville a much healthier city,” Mayor Fisher said.

Dr. Sarah Moyer, director of the Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness, says the top two causes of death in Louisville are heart disease and cancer, both of which are directly related to smoking.

The new law does allow for the use of e-cigarettes in retail shops which make at least 85 percent of their revenue from the sale of e-cigarettes and accessories. Hookah lounges that were in business as of May 1, 2017, may continue, though they must register with the city by August 21, 2017. However, these exceptions come with more restrictions, such as assuring all patrons are over 18 and using only nicotine-free products in store.

The extended Smoke-Free Ordinance is in line with the city's Healthy Louisville 2020 initiative goal of reducing and eliminating exposure to environmental health hazards.