We’ve all heard of Taco Tuesday, but what about Irish Taco Monday? An East Sac European style pub is serving up $1 Irish Tacos with a side of Russian Dance. Does it sound strange or strangely amazing?

Quick confession – I LOVE tacos! And I’d basically find any reason to do a story about them, but that’s not at all what drew me to Bonn Lair in East Sac. It was just a huge perk! But before we eat, we have to meet the man behind the tacos.

David Boyet is the owner of Bonn Lair, which has become a mainstay in the East Sac bar scene for years, but 30 years ago he was known as David Boyet, the professional Russian folk dancer who toured all over Europe doing traditional Russian tricks and stunts.

“It has a lifespan to it. It’s kind of like a pro sport kind of thing. Your body gives out after a while. So I had to have an exit strategy,” explained David.

Living in England for three years, David fell in love with the pubs out there so creating one in his hometown of East Sac became his exit strategy. My favorite part of this little gem in East Sac? It has to be the IRISH tacos!

“Those are the tacos my mother made us when we were kids. Single mother raising two children – you had to make your meat stretch. So she added potatoes to it. So we started doing our version of tacos and names it Irish because we put potatoes in it," he said.

And for people who question the Irishness of these Irish tacos.

David said, “We’ve actually had people come in and say no the Irish make their tacos with corn beef and I went NO – because the Irish don’t make tacos.”