Being in law enforcement means wearing many hats. For one El Dorado County Sheriff’s deputy, that meant putting on his dad hat during a recent traffic stop.

Knowing he had two active felony warrants out for his arrest, Matthew Nevieux fled after being pulled over for a traffic violation. In his car, sat a toddler. Deputies were unable to find Nevieux and called Child Protective Services to assist in custody of the child.
While waiting for CPS, one of the deputies noticed the toddler’s feet were cold and there was little food packed for her. The deputy turned up the heat in the car and entertained the child with a makeshift balloon. In a Facebook post, the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department said deputies went into, “a protective father mode and took care of this precious child.”

The sheriff’s department is asked for the pubic to help them locate Nevieux. If you have any information in regards to his whereabouts, contact them at 530-621-5655.