A former United States Marine from El Dorado, California is doing everything he can to make sure veterans in need are good to go.

Tracey DiVita was deployed to Iraq while he served in the U.S. Marines from 1999 to 2003. Like many soldiers, he returned from combat with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Once returning stateside he became a deputy with the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department -- He is now retired but said he struggled immensely with his PTSD over those ten years.

“PTSD is a lonely roller coaster,” DiVita said.

Last year, a soldier from his platoon took his own life. It was then that DiVita realized for himself that he wasn’t the only one struggling. He began checking up on others he served with and found that another veterans had landed in prison.

He didn’t want any of those things to happen to another veteran, so he began reaching out to those in need on his own.

Since January, he has connected with Veteran Affairs offices El Dorado, Sacramento, Sonoma, and Napa counties. At each one he asked if there is a homeless veteran he can help. DiVita meets them, buys them lunch, and then fills a military duffel bag with whatever they need to get them through the next time they meet.

Out of his own pocket he buys and includes a sleeping bag, food, toiletries, a mirror, clothes, and other things that as they say in the military, will get them “good to go.”

“I’m not saving a life. I’m just making sure that my Veteran brothers and sisters are good to go for a while,” DiVita said.

DiVita said he has plans to turn Operation Good to Go into a non-profit. If you are interested in helping him out, he’s asking for Walmart gift cards so he can personalize each bag he buys. To connect, visit Operation Good to Go on Facebook.