A human trafficking and prostitution investigation led to 14 people getting arrested or cited for various violations, said the El Dorado County Sheriff's Department.

The investigation started with El Dorado detectives searching escort and dating sites on the internet in three areas -- El Dorado Hills, Cameron Park and Placerville. The El Dorado Sheriff's Department, the county District Attorney's office and the FBI then prepared an operation into those online sites.

Then 25 detectives, investigators and victim witness advocates helped identify and rescue a 17-year-old victim from human trafficking. She was turned over to Victim advocates from the DA's office.

Fourteen people were arrested or cited for violations during the operation, nine of whom were cited for prostitution and another one for possession of methamphetamine. Four were arrested for violations which included two for prostitution, two for felony no bail warrants and one for an outstanding DUI warrant.

The 14 suspects have been identified as:

  • Derika Bynoe, 21.
  • Fitore Toshi, 24.
  • Cailyn Boyl, 25.
  • Brehonna VanBooven, 20.
  • Romula Perez, 30.
  • Destiny Wincentsen, 20.
  • Norma Waters, 30.
  • Crissy Phillips, 41.
  • Jeriann Carter, 26.
  • Lena Salas, 36.
  • Robbie McDermott, 27.
  • Daniel Ocenar, 37.
  • Teonna Haskins, 24.
  • Malik Green, 22.

The purpose of the operation was for officials to focus on younger looking human trafficking victims being prostituted and identify suspects pimping or trafficking them.