The City of Elk Grove planning commission recently approved a housing project that could bring more than 300 new homes to the area.

If approved by city council, the Bruceville Meadows development would be located at Bruceville and Kamerer roads.

Elk Grove added thousands of new homes since the year 2000 and has more than doubled its population in the last decade. The once “small town” has more than 170,000 residents and continues to welcome about 3,400 new residents a year, which continues to grow.

City leaders are approving on average 500 new houses per year to keep up with housing demands -- But also adding amenities to balance the needs of its residents, said Assistant City Manager Jason Behrmann.

There are more than a dozen current construction projects happening now in Elk Grove. The public can view the status and location on this map at the cities website.

Since Elk Grove is a relatively newer community, it has the opportunity to plan for current needs rather than older communities that have to plan around older infrastructure.

“We have the opportunity to plan things right now,” said Behrmann.

For each new home subdivision that is built, the city also requires development of public parks, trails, streets, fire departments and other city services.

The Elk Grove Unified School District is planning to add 10 new schools over the next decade to meet the influx of families relocating to the city.

“I think the area that the city is really trying to focus on is bringing in jobs as well as lifestyle amenities,” said Behrman. “We're trying to you know attract more restaurants movie theaters, entertainment kind of facilities."

When asked if the city is growing too fast, Behrman said Elk Grove is growing at the right pace for its current infrastructure.

The city is focusing on inviting new businesses to give residents things to do and places to work. The focus is on higher paying tech sector jobs that will be sustainable for years to come.