The city of Elk Grove recently started a "No Place for Hate" campaign to address race relations in the community. However, they've now had to change the logo for the initiative after some people took issue with how the prominence of the word “man.”

“We heard that the word ‘man’ seemed to stand out and that it seemed to take away the focus,” Elk Grove councilmember Darren Suen told ABC10.

The logo – which was created by the city ahead of the first town hall on race relations last month – reads “Humanity: Between U & I there’s no place for hate.” The word “humanity” is split on to three lines, with one line only saying “man.”

“It looked weird and highlighted man in an off-putting way,” Elk Grove resident Dennessa Atiles told ABC10.

The feedback from a few in the community led the council to change the logo.

“The campaign itself was designed by three women so that was kind of ironic about it,” Suen said. “But you get caught up in the work and different people see different things and so, again, we just took the feedback to heart.”

The new logo includes the words humanity, unity and understanding. Posters with this logo will be put up around Elk Grove.

A billboard with the original logo will be put up as well, as it has already been printed.