An Elk Grove Church is celebrating the reopening of its Sunday school and community building after the old one was destroyed in a fire two years ago.

The United Methodist Church of Elk Grove hosted an open house Saturday to show the new building to the community.

“We wanted to have the open house to invite the community in to let them know that we’re back up and running,” said lead Pastor Kathy La Point-Collup. “And to thank them for their support during this time.”

The church's Sunday School building caught fire in May 2015. Fortunately, insurance was able to cover the cost of the damages and rebuilding.

However, the church hosts several community programs for the homeless and hosts alcoholics anonymous meetings, which made the last two years quite difficult.

“It was pretty traumatic for us because we didn’t have enough space, and then in a day, we lost half of our space,” La Point-Collup said.

The church converted offices into temporary spaces for Sunday School and youth programs, while, at times, the Pastor held office hours and private meetings in her car.

“I kept my car really clean for two years,” La Point-Collup joked.

The new building features infant, toddler and teenage classrooms and spaces. It also has bathrooms with added showers church leaders say will only add to the services the church offers to the homeless.