A home intruder fled on foot when the Sacramento homeowner fired a shotgun at him.

The Elk Grove Police Department is now investigating the incident which happened in the 8400 block of Modena Way.

David Hoang, 30, was awakened to his garage door being opened around 4:30 a.m. Friday.

"My mom is grabbing the baby. My sister in law is freaked out,” Hoang said. “I just know I had to do what I had to do to protect them."

The suspects broke into several cars in the neighborhood, according to Elk Grove Police Public Information Officer Christopher Trim. One of the suspects took the garage door opener from a vehicle in the family’s drive way and went into the garage.

"Out of all theses like millions of days and thousands of days my mom decided to forget lock her truck like that one night, last night,” Hoang said.

According to the home security video, the intruder went into the home, left, and came back.

When the intruder returned, Hoang was waiting with his shotgun.

"So I just let out a shot and you just see he him book it. He booked it,” Hoang said. "He actually left whoever was in the car, like he felt like he was faster than the car and he sure was. I have never seen someone run so fast."

Police have since arrested two in connection with the incident. Mandie Blake, 39, and Daniel Ross, 25, were inside the getaway vehicle and are facing burglary and conspiracy charges.

Police say the white male suspect who broke into Hoang's house fled on foot and never made it into the getaway car.

"It's either them hurting you or you hurting them back to protect things you love, people you care about,” Hoang said.

The homeowner is not facing charges for the incident.