Elk Grove Police captain Timothy Albright wrote a powerful message on his LinkedIn page in memory of friend and former colleague, Deputy Robert French.

"This is about Bob and really all of law enforcement, that disconnect sometimes exists between what we do and perhaps what the community thinks we do," Albright said.

Each sentence starts with the word "imagine." He reflects on going to work every day and not knowing if today would be his last day on earth.

He also reflects on the hate from people, he says, "wanting to kill you for the uniform you wear, the oath that you took, for what you represent."

For him, the words were reality in his 24 years in law enforcement, including the 19 friends and colleagues who were killed in the line of duty.

"We do things to model behavior. At this point in my career, you're at the captain level and you model behavior," Albright said. "I would be remised if I didn't say I didn't do this for my kids too, that they would see what it means to engage in service and caring about people."

Albright said he wrote this to grieve and honor. He hopes whoever reads it will have a better understanding of their work and those before him who were killed doing it.