Have you heard of the Little Libraries? They usually look like little mailboxes, but for books and the idea is that anyone may take a book or bring a book to share.

Well, an 8-year-old girl from Elk Grove opened her fourth little library on Sunday at Delta Shores. So, who is the little entrepreneur behind these little libraries?

One turned into two and turned into three. “And now this is going to be my fourth,” said Brooklyn Stein.

Brooklyn discovered her first little library, while on a family vacation to the Monterrey Butterfly Sanctuary in November 2016.

“I saw a little library out in the front and we took a book from it and I [asked] my mom – can I open one of these? And she said yes," said Stein.

Now just about a year later she has become a little library entrepreneur with four little libraries in our area.

“I love reading and I want children all over the world to be able to read," she said.

Not only does Brooklyn love supplying books for other people to enjoy – she’s even written a few of her own.

“Happy days in the unicorn times. It’s a book I wrote myself," she said.

But books are not her only passion. Brooklyn loves practicing ballet and she’s currently one of the teeny tiny mice in the Sacramento Ballet’s performance of The Nutcracker. When asked which she prefers, ballet or books, she responded with both.

Managing little libraries isn’t a little task, so Brooklyn says she’s putting a halt on expansion for now. But she has plenty of books to keep her loyal readers coming back time after time.