An Elk Grove father and son duo are headed to the World Soap Box Derby Championships.

Sean O'Brien and his 12-year-old son Nick O'Brien are headed to Akron, Ohio for the championships.

Sean wanted to compete growing up but it didn't happen for him.

"For me his age (his son's age), I was watching Wide World of Sports on ESPN," Sean said. "I thought this is kind of neat."

His son got interested after watching it in person together.

"It was really fun," Nick said. "It's my only chance to drive a car cause I really like cars!"

They competed in 10 races this season and are undefeated.

They won't tell us their secret to winning but did show a few basics.

"I push myself back as much as I can," Nick said.

"It's the one thing we get to do together," Sean said.

They'll be leaving for the championships in two weeks.