Elk Grove Economic Development said it's working on making it easier and more affordable for prospective breweries.

"We thought what that what else could we do to make it easier to get into the market," said Rachael Brown, Economic Development Coordinator of the city of Elk Grove.

The city developed a Brewery and Winery Incentive and Assistance Program.

The Sacramento region has more than 50 breweries. The city of Elk Grove has three soon to be four.

"We're never gonna really be a Sacramento, but there's things we can pull from that and try to add to Elk Grove," Brown said. "I feel like they're getting maxed out and Elk Grove with its growing population has plenty of room to grow and offer more amenities for its residents."

The city is hoping through grants they're able to attract more breweries and create a better lifestyle for residents.

"We have plenty of dining options that are very family friendly," said Brown. "I'd like us to focus on things for maybe the millenial crowd, the younger group."

Real estate data site, SmartAsset, places Elk Grove as number two on the list of top cities in the U.S. where millenials are buying homes.

According to the report, 60 percent of homeowners in Elk Grove are millenials.