Stephanie Bryant was holding her one-year-old daughter in her arms as she walked home with her five-year-old Kaylee, that’s when a neighbor’s large dog jumped over a fence and charged at them.

"We were all screaming and yelling,” Bryant said. “She was scared, she was scared."

The entire incident was captured on a neighbor’s surveillance video. It happened last Thursday at the Westerner Mobile Home Park in Elk Grove.

"Never have I ever had a dog attack me like that,” Bryant said. “It was scary, I'm glad that my daughter wasn't bitten but it could have been a lot worse.”

Bryant said Kaylee walked away with a few scratches on her arms and a small mark on her face. Now neighbors say they want the dog gone.

“I cannot take him for a walk down there. I go a little ways to visit my friend but I keep looking ahead to see if that dogs going to fly over the fence,” said Marcie, a tenant at the mobile home park.

ABC10 reached out to the dog’s owner, but is still waiting for a response.

Managers with the mobile home park said the tenant violated the leash law and has been issued a written warning. If it happens again, the dog wouldn’t be allow to live there anymore.

“Until something gets done about it, I don't even want to be walking around here,” Bryant said. “Is it going to take someone getting bitten for this park to do something about it?”

The Westerner Mobile Home Park is in the City Of Sacramento’s animal services jurisdiction. Officials said they are aware of the situation and will be contacting the dog’s owner.