A large bird is running amuck in a small Calaveras County community.

No one knows where it came from but its roaming the streets and stopping traffic.

"He showed up three or four days ago. He was sleeping by my son’s house. He just roams around," said Charles White.

The large bird is an emu. It can often be seen walking down Hart Vickson road in Valley Springs. White's son and many of his neighbors have been taking pictures of the Emu as it moves from house to house.

Webster's Dictionary describes an emu as: "A swift-running Australian ratite bird (Dromaius novae-hollandiae) with undeveloped wings that is smaller than the ostrich."

The Valley Springs emu has become quite the attraction.

"We are not sure if is a male or female but we named it George," said White.

Neighbors have called Calaveras County Sheriff’s Department. Reports were filed with the animal control officer but action has been slow due to the New Year’s holiday.

For now, George is free to roam, but if you are driving in Valley Springs keep an eye out for a giant bird and slow down.