"I went to the window to see what was going on, they all started pointing at me 'the guy at the window'," Tony Lind said.

Lind is a traveling nurse and was staying at the Red Roof Inn when the shooter attempted to flee police and hide in the building.

"The SWAT team was walking down the row of rooms to mine, saying come out get your hands up, so I came out," Lind said, "I had no shoes, no chance to grab anything".

Lind ran into the liquor store across the street to call his family so they knew he was safe. He wasn't alone. Charissa James was also on Watt and the I-80 waiting to get back in her room.

"I hope the officer comes though and they catch the guy that done this," James said.

She had just left when everything happened and was thankful to not have been in her room when the shooter was roaming on her floor.

"I think it's everywhere, crime doesn't choose where it's going to happen, you never thought someone would get shot near the light rail station, I didn't think so but it happens, " Charissa said.