Fairfield police are investigating and searching for suspects after witnesses saw a tan pit bull dog being beaten with a baseball bat on Thursday.

Tom Turner, a Fairfield resident, thought the loud thumping noise he heard in the alley behind his home was due to people illegally dumping trash.

Instead, he found three men repeatedly hitting the dog over the head with a bat. The dog had been tied up by the neck to the fence, so his hind legs were hanging above the ground.

“I have seen a lot in my life, and this shook me,” said Turner.

The men took off in a car as soon as Turner came out into the alley, abandoning the dog. Turner and his neighbors helped the dog into a car and drove to Solano County Sheriff’s Office Animal Care. The dog was treated, but died overnight due to the extent of the injuries.

Fairfield Police are asking anyone with information to come forward and call (707) 428-7300 Ext. 8. The men were last seen driving off in a gold or champagne truck, believed to be a 2004 or 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe, with a license plate starting with "WB2V."