On Friday, a week after 20-year-old Alycia 'Aly' Yeoman went missing, her family delivered an emotional plea.

"We firmly believe in our hearts that Aly is alive and needs out help," said Chief Dean Price of Gridley-Biggs PD, on behalf of the family. "Please, please bring her home."

Aly's parents, grandparents, and extended family from across the country stood by Chief Price in front of media for the first time. They pinned photos of her across their hearts and held hands for support.

"We love you and are desperately doing everything we can to bring you home safely," the family directly addressed Aly in their statement.

The FBI, now involved in this missing person's case, offering a $5000 reward for any information leading to Aly's whereabouts.

Aly was last seen leaving a friend's home on Romero Street in Yuba City on Thursday, March 30th. The next morning, she didn't show up for work. When she didn't show up for work again on Saturday, her family knew something was wrong and reported her missing to police. 

"Aly has never missed work in her two jobs," the family added in their statement." [This is] completely out of character."

On Sunday, police pinged Aly's phone to a field behind Walmart in Yuba City. Search crews and volunteers focused their efforts there. 

By Monday night, the search efforts would shift to Live Oak, where Aly's truck was found stuck in the mud of an orchard. Police said there was only one set of footprints walking away from the truck. Aly's missing cellphone was later found in that area.

The next few days, helicopters, boats, canines, and about 100 people on foot searched that area down Feather River. The search concluded on Thursday night. Still no sign of Aly. 

Her disappearance remains a mystery, but law enforcement say they do have leads they're following. They have been tight-lipped, not wanting to risk the investigation.

At the press conference, media members wondering if reports of kidnapping are true.

"During our investigation, the family did receive several social media [messages], texts," said Chief Price. "The specifics [such as] ransom, I've heard kidnapped...I wouldn't share those leads or expose that, if that was the case." 

Multiple agencies, including the FBI, all continuing the search. The Sutter County Sheriff's Office, with more resources, also taking lead in this investigation. 

Sutter County Undersheriff Jeffery Price said the transition of agency is for a variety of reasons, mostly because many of the leads have come from areas in their jurisdiction. Having the FBI will also provide resources that many local agencies don't have.