Army Staff Sergeant Eric Schenck of Placerville was killed while serving in South Korea in a vehicle accident.

Chris Denham is Schenck's stepbrother. They've known each other since Schenck was 13 years old.

"Me and my mom went to go get some stuff at the grocery store and came back and walked through this door here and saw a colonel and a chaplain standing right here in uniform," Denham said. "We were the first to know."

Schenck was raised in Placerville and a graduate of El Dorado High School.

"Everybody's noticed throughout his whole life that he loves life and people, animals more than his own self," Denham said.

Schenck was a medic in the army and got Denham interested in joining.

Yet through all the pictures he's showed, he says the most memorable moments are the ones not captured.

"He would always answer the phone the same way sup dude!," Denham said. "Me and him drove down to Seattle. Great time but it was always that sup dude. I always hear that."