It's not often a major feature film is filmed in Sacramento. It's even less often there's a movie set in Sacramento.

But one soon-to-be released movie achieves both.

"Lady Bird," set and shot in Sac-town, was written and directed by Sacramento-native, actress Greta Gerwig.

The trailer for the film — which tells the story of a teenage girl who dreams of moving to the East Coast — was released this week. The movie hits theaters Nov. 10.

According to Sacramento Film Commissioner Lucy Steffens, the cast and crew of "Lady Bird" spent five days filming in Sacramento in October 2016.

"Sacramento has stood in for the capital in Washington D.C., the capital in Idaho, so it's a nice experience to have the film actually set in Sacramento," Steffens said.

Some of the locations where they shot include the American Market, a convenience store in Midtown; Thrift Town on El Camino Avenue; the Fab 40's in East Sacramento; and the McKinley Park Rose Garden, which Gerwig has said is one of her favorite places in Sacramento.

The trailer also includes shots of the I Street Bridge and Tower Bridge.

The film has already received rave reviews at films festivals.