With wildfires still ravaging parts of Northern California, FEMA is now stepping in by bringing supplies, equipment, and personnel to Travis Air Force Base.

"Our job here really is to assist the state of California in any way we can," FEMA spokesman Darryl Carpenter said. "Water, cots, blankets, those are the things the state is requesting, so that's what we provide. There's a lot out there. There's a lot damaged. There are a lot of people that have lost. So we're going to try to help them as much as we can."

So many evacuees need food, a place to sleep, or just a sense of comfort. Tuesday, Vice President Mike Pence announced a major disaster declaration for California and pledged fire support of $576 million.

At Travis Air Force Base, the 60th Aerial Port Squadron serves as the staging area for FEMA. It houses one bus, three tractor trailers with food for evacuees, 15 ambulances, and 30 FEMA personnel. They also expect more tractor trailers and 100 ambulances by Friday Morning.

Travis Air Force Base Fire Chief John Speakman says it is an ideal location for FEMA due to its proximity to the fires and the resources Travis can assist them with.

"If they have lighting needs, if they have heavy equipment needs, what they need is how we're helping them out. We want them to be successful because ultimately they're going to help people in the community and make their lives a lot better," Speakman said. "What they're going to do is determine where the need is. So, the ambulances are going to be used to take people out of nursing homes or hospitals and send them to other ones."

As for the evacuees, Carpenter advises them to seek assistance at the evacuation centers.

"What I would say to the people who lost their homes is get to those evacuation center,” he said. “Get to those places you can get assistance. If you have questions, ask. Don't be afraid to ask.”