New TSA screening procedures that went into effect in October require travelers to put all electronic devices that are larger than a cellphone into separate bins.

Sacramento International Airport officials now recommend passengers arrive two hours prior to their departure time for domestic flights.

"I’m not going to lie, you need those whole two hours. Right now, it's calm, you don't really have too many people here, but later in the day it's going to get hectic because right now it's Thanksgiving," said Jaimani Jones, who was traveling to Arlington, Texas.

Kyle Mize flew to Miami Friday morning and says he had to wait in line longer than he usually does.

"There was just such a huge line that I didn't expect, and now that they're doing the whole put anything bigger than a phone a separate bin thing – I’m just kind of expecting more things to happen," Mize explains.

Zachary Awe said TSA officials asked him several times if he had an iPad or tablet.

"It was even like a kindle that's less than a centimeter thick, and I'm like, what can you hide in a kindle?" Awe said.

While the new screening procedure is inconvenient for many passengers, others don't mind.

"Personally, with TSA beefing everything up and making their methods more complicated, I don't really care as long as I know about it beforehand, I just go through with it," said Mize.