A Folsom 6-year-old is collecting coins for people in need.

Ashwin Arcot has been on a mission for the past few weeks. He's collecting money for people in need in the Folsom area.

It started off with Ashwin wanting to help kids and his mom got the idea of a coin drive from Facebook.

"My husband was joking and said ok we're going to ask the entire world let's see what happens," said Shankari Arcot, his mother. "I read all the suggestions to him and he liked the coin drive idea."

He's raised more than $1,500. Sarah Bensen Woods saw the coin drive on Facebook and teamed up with Ashwin to use the money for school supplies.

Woods is with a nonprofit called Friends of Folsom. Even though the school drive wrapped up, Ashwin is still collecting money for his next project, a turkey drive to feed people a Thanksgiving dinner.

We counted the coins he got from his collection Thursday night. It was roughly about $150.

Since school started, his parents say the charity work will have to hold off for the weekends but Ashwin still has big goals and is determined to raise $10,000.