Some boaters at Folsom Lake got more than they bargained for when they encountered a rattlesnake in the water.

Twitter user Anthony Baciocco posted a video Thursday of a rattlesnake relentlessly trying to get on a boat while swimming in the lake water.

The snake first attempted to hop up the side the boat with no success. The video then pans to the back of the boat where the snake is seen tirelessly swimming towards the ledge for "land." The slithering reptile makes multiple attempts to get onboard while the boat is on the move.

All the while, the passengers are screaming and laughing with amusement and horror.

Rattlesnakes are not uncommon at Folsom Lake. Snakes come out of their dens during the spring and are not afraid of water. In fact, they seek waterways to use as transportation and swim in lakes to cool down on hot days.

The good news is, rattlesnakes are not in "attack mode" while swimming. They're usually just trying to get from Point A to Point B. The best thing to do if you encounter a rattlesnake in water is to stay very still and not provoke it.