The Amgen Tour of California has announced the stops for America’s biggest cycling race in 2017.

The men’s race will begin in Sacramento on May 14 and end in Pasadena on May 20.

The city of Modesto has been vying to become a stop on the tour and now they are. The first stage will start in Sacramento and end in Modesto.

“Last year, in May we hosted an overnight stay with the Amgen Tour in hopes of reestablishing our relationship with the AEG promoters,” Laurie Smith, Modesto’s Business Center Manager, said. “And we’re very excited to learn recently that we’ve been successful and will be hosting the stage start in May of 2017.”

However, other cities that have hosted the coveted race in the past are not on the list. Robert Goss is the Director of Parks and Recreation for the City of Folsom, that chose not to bid this year.

“We want to keep the race special. We want to keep it unique. And we want to keep the city spotlight shining brightly opposed to being, I don’t know, annoying or something like that,” Goss said. "Hosting the race requires a lot of volunteers and fundraising but offers world-wide notoriety. Folsom hosted the race in May of 2016 and will likely bid again in the next two to three years."

Karen Holmes has owned and operated Karen’s Bakery in Folsom for 17 years and is an advocate of the race. She says it’s worth the investment, although it doesn’t make business boom.

“World class emcee’s saying they can’t believe they’ve never been here before because it’s so amazing,” Holmes said. “I don’t know that’s a priceless thing.”

The City of Davis also chose not to bid this year. They hosted the race several times between 2007 and 2010. The city’s public relations manager Bob Bowen said it's an expensive event.

“Amgen is great, it’s a feather in our cap when they’re here, but it’s not something that we can really handle every year,” Bowen said.

Davis is home of America’s first bicycle lane and the Bicycle Hall of Fame. For years, the city has promoted bicycle culture.

“It’s not something that generates break even revenue or even making money,” Bowen said.

Davis will likely big to host the race again but it will likely be another five to 10 years.