If you plan on visiting the Folsom Sanctuary Zoo this fall, you'll notice a new addition - the Barnyard Experience.

The 1.6 acre barn area will be home to a variety of rescued farm animals including Gus the draft horse, Dasher the mini horse, Hallie and Rosie the mini donkeys and Ernie the Zebu. They'll be watched by livestock guardian dogs Marcus and Annabelle.

But in order for all that to happen, the project needs $100,000 to be completed for pasture and fencing.

Enter 'Friends of the Folsom Zoo Sanctuary.' The local non-profit is trying to raise the money through GoFundMe.

Robert Goss, the Parks & Recreation Director said inside the barn will be six stables, generous in size. The animals will be able to come in and out as they please.

"Our latest project is the Barnyard Experience project. We're building a new home for domesticated farm animals," Goss said. "This is their forever home."

Goss says $750,000 has already been invested into the project. The last bit may seem costly, but it makes sense.

"It's not a small facility. The fencing is complex," Goss said. "But we have to provide security for the zoo, animals, visitors and staff. Most of the animals that will be housed in the zoo are miniature animals. They're more in scale with our visitors which are typically gonna be children."

Goss adds zoo visitors can get up close and touch the animals, but it won't be like a petting zoo because the animals won't be pressured to come out.