A routine traffic stop turned into a hunt for a Cameron Park man for Folsom police Wednesday.

James Stoltz-Moore, 20, was stopped around 8 am. By a motorcycle officer along Highway 50 near Hazel Avenue on a traffic violation, police said.

It turns out Stoltz-Moore was driving without a license, according to police, and when the man gave the officer false information about who he was, he was asked to pull over.

The officer directed the suspect to drive down an off ramp and stop in a nearby gas station when, without reason, police said Stoltz-Moore suddenly braked hard enough to lock his wheels as he slowed.

The sudden stop caused the motorcycle officer to slam into the back of the car Stoltz-Moore was driving, falling to the ground.

Stoltz-Moore then fled the area. Police believe the Cameron Park man braked hard to cause the crash intentionally to avoid arrest.

Detectives later learned that Stoltz-Moore had a felony arrest warrant from El Dorado County for being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Detectives tracked Stoltz-Moore to an address in Cameron Park; however, he tried to run from them again and a police K9 was used to apprehend Stoltz-Moore, resulting in a minor injury, police said.

Stoltz-Moore was booked into the Sacramento County Jail. He’s been charged with suspicion of assault on an officer, resulting in injury, hit-and-run, evading police causing injury, giving false identifying information, violation of probation and resisting arrest.

The officer suffered minor injuries and was treated and released from a local emergency room.