A former Rocklin homeless woman, Staci Bier, turned her apartment into a donation center filled with a pantry and a kids section for people in need.

Bier is the organizer of Staci's Helping Hands. People offer what they have for free, and it's a safe place for people in need to ask for help. In addition, people can message her if they want to get a free bag of food.

"I'm always mindful of what I could feed families, and they wouldn't have to struggle putting this, this, and this together to make something," Bier said

This is personal for her as she used to be homeless.

"I want to be able to help families, being there myself struggling as a single mom," Bier said. "It's really even hard to come forward to ask somebody for help. Sometimes you don't qualify for government assistance. You don't qualify for the other pantries."

She said she wants to be a place people can come and get help. She doesn't ask questions.

"Sometimes the kids would come up with their parents and pick up their bags," Bier said. "They get excited over a fruit snack. That's sad."

Bier is now getting ready to help families through Thanksgiving and Christmas.

She's accepting signups for both donations and people who need help.