Cal Expo is hosting an event providing free health clinics this weekend, starting on Friday Oct. 28 through Sunday Oct. 30.

Each clinic day starts at 6 a.m. and there are no restrictions for patients.

Yes, everybody qualifies and is entitled to these services, so income, employment, immigration status, or no I.D. will not exempt you.

Sabrina Rodriguez, Media Director for Cal Expo, told ABC 10 that people have already began lining up for the wristbands that will be handed out today at 4 p.m. for guaranteed admittance for tomorrow's opening day.

What can exempt you from the services is that this is a first come first serve event. The demand is expected to be high, so being in line will not guarantee service because of the limited number of wristbands required.

"A limited number of wristbands guaranteeing service will be distributed beginning at 4 p.m on the evening proceeding each clinic day." according to California Care Force organization's website.

There's 600 total wristbands available for each day and then there's 200 on standby for the next day just in case people didn't make it for the 4 p.m. registration. The bands cannot be transferred to another individual and you cannot receive more than one.

The main services that will be available consists of medical, dental and vision.

Medical services included: physical screenings and general exams, with dental services there will be dental screenings, fillings, cleanings and extractions, then with vision you can have vision tests, eye health tests and prescription glasses made on site.