Craving cheesecake this holiday season?

Lucky for Sacramento, Creamy's by Cayla Jordan has opened up at Arden Fair Mall for the holiday season. You can find these delicious cheesecake treats on the second floor in the food court, where Coldstone used to be.

So who is Cayla Jordan?

Many on social media have dubbed her the 'Cheesecake Queen.' Cayla grew up in Elk Grove, California. As a kid, she had a weak immune system and often had to miss school because she was constantly sick.

"To pass time, [my mother and I] would bake in the kitchen," said Cayla.

That past-time would develop into Cayla's passion. In high school, she started selling her popular caramel corn that would later be sold in local grocery stores like Bel-Air and Raley's. That's where the business aspect of her baking came in. When it came time for a new business model, cheesecake was the obvious decision.

"Everyone for the holidays, when they invited me over, would always ask if I could bring my cheesecake," said Cayla.

Cayla's cheesecakes come in various flavors in addition to original. Some of her most popular include caramel pecan, chocolate, and chocolate chip cookie dough. For the holidays, she also has pumpkin flavored.

In case you haven't guessed it by now, everything she sells is centered around cheesecake.

"I roll with everything cheesecake. It's so fun trying to create different things revolving around one item," said Cayla. "Thinking of what the next or big or tastey thing is."

The big summer item was so hot that she is still selling them this winter.

"Frozen cheesecake sandwich," said Cayla. "It doesn't even melt!"

Cayla calls her journey so far a lot of "trial and error," sort of like baking.

"I love problem solving, figuring out, 'is this gonna work?'" said Cayla. "My favorite part honestly is how people react to my product after its made."

Cayla spent the past summer hosting pop-ups around Sacramento at block parties and coffee shops like Philz.

She'll be selling her cheesecakes at Arden Fair Mall throughout the season until Dec. 31 during holiday mall hours.