It’s not over yet: The dispute over hogs from Pig Island in Calaveras County continues.

A petition has been filed in the county asking a judge to decide who is the true owner of the animals. These pigs have now made their mark in three counties. The hogs originally lived on a private island on the San Joaquin Delta for generations but that all changed in June.

Animal rights group Farm Sanctuary removed the pigs from the private island and then took them to UC Davis Animal Clinic in Yolo County. The following day, a man by the name of Roger Stevenson claimed he owned the pigs. The hogs were turned over to him and Stevenson moved the pigs to an abandoned golf course in Calaveras County.

Several days after the pigs arrived to their new home, the hogs got out of their pen. Calaveras County Animal Control was called in to captured the pigs. It’s unclear why, but after the pigs were captured, they were returned to the animal rights group Farm Sanctuary.

The fight over these pigs also involves three parties: the owner of the island, Roger Stevenson, and animal rights group Farm Sanctuary. Back in June, a complaint was filed in Yolo County by Farm Sanctuary and the owner of the island. The complaint claimed that the owner of the island also owned the pigs but weeks later the complaint was dismissed by Farm Sanctuary.

This week, Roger Stevenson filed his petition in Calaveras County. He is asking a judge to make a final decision on who owns the pigs. No court date has been set.