Leading up to the Fourth of July, it may have seemed like every news outlet was talking about safety when it comes to pets and fireworks (animals get easily scared by the sound, often causing them to run away). But that didn’t prevent Sacramento from seeing a huge number of lost pets.

The Front Street Animal Shelter says they had their busiest Fourth of July season to date.

Between July 1 and July 4, roughly 230 animals were brought into the shelter. And in the two days following the holiday, July 5 and 6, they got an additional 119.

“Any given day at Front Street, we’re normally taking in anywhere from 30 to 35 animals, which is still a substantial amount,” Bobby Mann, the communications director at Front Street told ABC10. “But this time of year those numbers typically double. So, 60-70 animals coming through our doors.”

Front Street, for instance, currently has roughly 170 dogs — all of which need to fit into their 100 kennels.

Mann said the increase adds stress for both the animals and staff.

“That’s a lot of animals to have to care for throughout the day,” he explained.

There are happy endings, however.

Since Monday, Front Street says they were able to reunite 33 pets with their families.

One of those was Bobby the Border Collie, which Sacramento’s animal control picked up on July 4 in South Sacramento. Bobby’s family was waiting for him when the shelter’s doors opened Thursday morning.