Front Street Animal Shelter seeing record lows in euthanasia rate.

Karen Freeman adopted her new dog Conner from the shelter.

"In the play area yesterday he was playing and jumping around and chasing balls," said Freeman. "That's a perfect match for my kids."

Freeman and many others are the reason why the shelter is seeing record lows in its euthanasia rate.

"I think we've seen a lot of success cause we're willing to try anything once or twice if it feels good," said Gina Knepp from the Front Street Animal Shelter. "We're very creative and we take some risks too."

Social media is huge for them since so many of their Facebook posts go viral. They don't pay additional advertising on Facebook. It's all organic.

Knepp also believes people's mindsets about adopting have helped get them to a record low.

"It is a new trend people are more philanthropic and they're starting to realize that they can solve the problem of animal euthanasia in this country by bringing those pets in a shelter," said Knepp.

Other shelters are seeing their euthanasia rates go down as well including Stockton Animal Services.