Front Street Animal Shelter has decided to start playgroups to help socialize shelter dogs.

The shelter received a grant to send staff to a Dogs Playing for Life Mentorship Program.

The staff learned how to run safe and effective playgroups to help give dogs exercise and improve their social skills with other dogs to make them happier and more adoptable.

"Many of these dogs are often mislabeled and this gives us an opportunity to get them adopted," Bobby Mann said, who is with Front Street Animal Shelter.

During the playgroup, each dog is carefully selected and introduced one by one.

"We have noticed benefits for a few of our dogs," said Allison Nielson, Shelter Operations Manager. "The way they present in their kennel and just the way they interact with other dogs as a whole."

The program is proving to be an important for both the staff and dogs.

"At the shelter, often times and in years past if a dog was showing signs of what people think is aggression or misclassifying as aggression, they wouldn't even make it out of the shelter," Mann said.