New numbers from the Downtown Sacramento Partnership suggest Golden 1 Center is boosting spending and creating jobs.

According to the Partnership, 32 new construction projects now surround Golden 1 Center, 26 ground floor retail businesses were created in downtown during the last year, and 23 new retail businesses plan to open soon.

Ryan Seng worked at Grange for eight years and saw all the construction around the Golden 1 Center.

He's now planning to open a factory lab for his company, Can Can Cocktails, in the downtown area.

"The thing I'm most excited about is that I get to be part of it," Seng said. "I didn't want to be off in West Sac or off on Power Inn or way in the corner."

In addition, the new Kimpton Sawyer Hotel and Downtown Commons will eventually look like an outdoor entertainment center with restaurants and shops.

"It's great to see these areas that were so empty for so long and you have this one great area here and then another great area opening here," Seng said.

Seng plans to officially open up the Can Can Cocktails factory next year.