A Granite Bay woman is collecting hundreds of purses filled with basic essentials like soap, a toothbrush, and shampoo for sex trafficking survivors.

Julie Nakayama started the purse project two years ago after seeing a Facebook post go viral. It asked for women to take any extra purses and fill it with any basic essential items and give it to a homeless woman.

"I figured at that point I had 15 purses in the back of my closet," Nakayama said. "I had a lot of bathroom toiletries items and I figured there's no lack of empty toiletry items in Sacramento and there is a need for them to go to people who don't have those items."

In two years she went from collecting 75 the first year to 650 purses.

"Social media is how I've done every part of this project from finding people who are willing to be drop off stops for me to having it shared on Facebook," Nakayama said.

She's donating them to organizations like Blue Heart International which works with sex trafficking survivors.

"Sometimes we get women who cry and sometimes we get women on the street. In the 20 years she's been walking the street she's never met anyone that cared she's only met people who sold her and have wanted to buy her," Missy McCall, Blue Heart International said.

"I want my boys to know kindness of strangers is important and it's not about you," Nakayama said. "There are a lot of people we can help in this world."

Inside every purse there is a note that reads, "I care about your situation. I wish you peace, safety, and the kindness of strangers."