After a spike in violence, the Sacramento Police Department will be extra vigilant this Fourth of July holiday.

"We want everyone to have fun this Fourth of July but our concern is gunfire," said Sac PD Sgt. Bryce Heinlein.

The PD is using a system they have called ShotSpot to help tell the difference between gunshots and fireworks. It helps the department self dispatch, analyzing sound waves through microphones, then sends the information to the officers and dispatch.

But the problem is the technology is just in Del Paso Heights and South Sacramento.

"This system focuses on gunfire and it will capture fireworks, but what it will do is send a signal to a third party in the Bay Area and then in 30 seconds it comes back to our department telling us that this is gunfire and this is fireworks," said Heinlein.

The sergeant said Oak Park's recent violence will be a hot spot for the department especially because the ShotSpot is not in that area. They will be relying on expert officers to sort out the gunshots and firework pops.

"We are responsible and really concerned about the gunfire even though illegal fireworks in the air are an issue were relying more on the community to report that type of behavior," he added.