A more than 50-pound custom designed statue for a family’s annual Halloween display has been taken from the front of their home in Elk Grove.

Michael Nelson, 54, said the so-called “Angel of Death” statue went missing from his cemetery-themed Halloween display in front of his home early Sunday morning.

The family has been going all out for Halloween and Christmas for years. Nelson said he does it for his daughters, who are 10 and 18 years old.

“You know it was a really nice statue and it's kind of like the center piece of our graveyard,” Nelson said. “Noticing that it was gone, yeah everybody is a little down but we're not going to let it get us too down."

The family took to Facebook to see if anyone in their community has seen the statue. The post now has more than 50 shares.

Some commenting about the post and similar incidents say they have stopped decorating because of fear of vandals and thieves.

Sergeant Bryce Heinlein with the Sacramento Police Department offered several tips for anyone wanting to know how to keep their holiday decorations safe.

They say to know your neighbors, consider home security cameras, and report any crime to police. If you know your neighbors, everyone in your community can keep an eye out for each other, Sgt. Heinlein said.

Security cameras are useful as a deterrent and helping police catch thieves after incidents happen. Reporting crimes allow law enforcement to know where and when crimes are happening and where to focus extra patrols.