The man who was caught in northern California, after escaping a psychiatric hospital in Hawaii, entered a courtroom in Stockton for a hearing Friday afternoon.

Wearing red, indicating an elevated security risk, 59 year old Randall Saito appeared in a San Joaquin County courtroom facing a "fugitive from justice" charge.

Randall Saito, 59, escaped from the hospital Sunday and got on a chartered plane in Maui where he headed to California, said Honolulu police. He then arrived in San Jose, two hours before hospital staff reported him missing, and was said headed to his brother's house in Stockton when the San Joaquin County Sheriff's arrested him near Hwy 99 and Waterloo Road.

Saito was asked by judge Ronald Northrup if wanted to waive his rights to an extradition hearing.

He replied, "I really don't want to go back to Hawaii."

He was also asked if he wanted to be represented by a lawyer and if he could afford legal representation.

Saito replied that he could not afford an attorney.

So, the judge appointed Deputy Public Defender Zack Kitynik to represent him.

Deputy District Attorney Robert Himmelblau said after the short hearing that he wasn't surprised Saito would not waive extradition.

"Some do some don't," said Himmelblau. "Like someone asked it's just a stall tactic. So, it's prolonging the inevitable."

By not waiving extradition, Saito consented to an "identity hearing" at a future court date.

"And we would just get a package from Hawaii saying this man is who they're seeking, usually that's photographs or fingerprints," said Himmelblau.

Saito was acquitted for the 1979 murder of a woman in Hawaii by reason of insanity and committed to the Hawaii State Hospital in 1981.

Law enforcement has described Saito as a "violent psychopath" and dangerous individual.

Saito will be in court for to set an identity hearing date on November 27.