A collector’s dream: That's what some are calling a secret warehouse in Sacramento.

A toy store owner has passed away and his family discovered his hidden collection of model trains. The storage facility is the size of a basketball court and its packed with rare, unopened vintage toy trains.

"We knew he had a warehouse, we just didn't know how big the collection was until we opened it up," said Karen Gibson-Noriega. Her father is Tom Gibson and he owned Teddies and Trains in downtown Sacramento. The store closed in the 1990's and few family members had seen his inventory.

Tom passed away last year from a rare blood disorder and his daughter Karen inherited his collection. Vintage toy trains dating back to the early 1900's fill the shelves and many are still in their boxes.

"He started out as a milk man and he bought his first collection from one of his customers. So, the collection goes way back," said Gibson-Noriega.

Tom Gibson was a toy train guru of sorts, but the younger generation rarely took interest in his knowledge.

"The new generations are into tablet and their phones and not so much toy trains," said Gibson-Noriega.

Time has been cruel to the model train community. Without an interest from a new generation of collectors, these trains will be sold off to older collectors.

If you are interested in adding to your collection or checking out a piece of history, the toy train estate sale starts Friday morning and runs through the weekend. It's located at 6965 Luther Drive in Sacramento.