Every day, law enforcement officers across the country suit up and get ready to risk their lives in the name of public safety. Sadly, sometimes they don't make it home.

There are currently 1,622 line of duty deaths accounted for in California, according to the Officer Down Memorial Page, a website that tracks and honors the nation's fallen officers.

Since 1791, there have been over 22,880 known line of duty deaths in the U.S. The website also tracks fallen K9 officers.

Here are the 10 most notable cases in the Greater Sacramento area over the past 20 years:

California Highway Patrol:

Officer Andrew Todd “Andy” Stevens

End of watch: Nov. 17, 2005

Officer Stevens was killed during a traffic stop in a rural area of Yolo County outside of Woodland. Officer Stevens approached and greeted the driver, where he was then shot and killed instantly. The suspect fled, but was arrested the next day by members of the Placer County Sheriff’s Department. Two male suspects were later convicted of first degree murder.

After conducting an investigation, officials found out that the suspect had been hired as a hit-man to murder another man, completely unrelated to the traffic stop. He shot Officer Stevens with a handgun that had been provided for him to use in the contract killing. The shooter, who is the son of a Bay Area police officer who killed himself after robbing a bank in 1997, was sentenced to death. The man who provided the firearm was found guilty of murder and conspiracy and sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.

Officer Stevens served on the CHP for 13 years.

Officer Kenyon Marc Youngstrom

End of watch: Sept. 5, 2012

Officer Kenyon Marc Youngstrom died from a gunshot wound sustained the previous day while making a traffic stop with another officer in Alamo. A suspect shot Officer Youngstrom in the head with a handgun through the window while speaking with Officer Youngstrom. The other officer was in a different patrol vehicle and immediately returned fire, killing the subject.

Officer Youngstrom served with the CHP for seven years.

Officer Nathan Daniel Taylor

End of watch: Mar. 13, 2016

Officer Nathan Daniel Taylor succumbed to injuries he sustained the previous day after being struck by a vehicle on I-80 near Donnor Summit. He was directing traffic when a vehicle changed lanes and accelerated past slowing traffic, striking the officer.

Officer Taylor served with the CHP for six years.

Officer Lucas F. Chellew

End of watch: Feb. 22, 2017

Officer Lucas F. Chellew was killed in a motorcycle crash in South Sacramento while pursuing another motorcycle. The suspect was arrested and faces three felony charges.

Officer Chellew served with the CHP for 8 years.

Sacramento County Sheriff's Department:

Deputy Sheriff Danny Paul Oliver

End of watch: Oct. 24, 2014

Deputy Sheriff Danny Oliver was shot and killed as he and another deputy investigated a suspicious vehicle in the Arden-Arcade area in Sacramento. A man opened fired on the officers with a 9 mm handgun, shooting Deputy Oliver in the forehead.

The man fled with a female passenger as Deputy Oliver's partner returned fire. The suspect and woman carjacked several vehicles before being approached by Detective Michael Davis of the Placer County Sheriff's Department and his partner. The male suspect opened-fired on both deputies, killing Detective Davis.

Deputy Oliver served with the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department for 15 years.

Placer County Sheriff's Department:

Detective Michael David Davis

End of watch: Oct. 24, 2014

Detective Michael David Davis was shot and killed while taking part in a massive manhunt for the murderer of Deputy Sheriff Danny Oliver of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department. The man who murdered Deputy Oliver, assisted by a female accomplice, carjacked a vehicle and fled up I-80 after killing Deputy Oliver.

Detective Davis and his partner spotted the suspect's vehicle in Auburn and began to approach it when the man opened fired with an AR-15 rifle hitting both officers. Detective Davis succumbed to his wounds at a local hospital.

Detective Davis’ father, Investigator Michael Davis Sr. was killed in the line of duty on Oct. 24, 1988 while serving with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. Their deaths occurred exactly 26 years apart on the day.

Detective Davis served with the Placer County Sheriff's Department for 15 years.

Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department:

Deputy Sheriff Robert Lee Paris

End of watch: Apr. 12, 2012

Deputy Sheriff Robert Lee Paris was shot and killed while serving an eviction notice with another deputy at an apartment complex in Modesto. The deputies were attempting to enter the apartment when a suspect open-fired with a rifle, killing Deputy Paris and a locksmith who had accompanied the two deputies.

The suspect barricaded himself in the apartment before committing suicide. It was later found, the suspect had 22 firearms, a gas mask and other tactical equipment. He had also cut through the walls of adjoining apartments to have multiple vantage points.

Deputy Paris served with the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department for 16 years.

Deputy Sheriff Dennis Wallace

End of watch: Nov. 13, 2016

Deputy Sheriff Dennis Wallace was shot and killed in Hughson while investigating a suspicious vehicle. After determining the vehicle was stolen, he called for back-up. When the second deputy arrived at the scene he discovered Deputy Wallace with two gunshots to the head. He was shot at point-blank range.

The suspect fled and carjacked another vehicle before being caught and arrested by the Lindsay Police Department later in the day.

Deputy Wallace served with the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department for 20 years.

Stockton Police Department:

K9 Officer Nitro

End of watch: June 30, 2015

K9 Nitro died of heat exhaustion after the air conditioner in the patrol car he was in malfunctioned while outside temperatures reached 106 degrees. Nitro had just helped apprehend a suspect in Stockton and his handler placed him back in the patrol vehicle.

His handler returned to the vehicle about 15 minutes later and discovered Nitro in distress. He transported Nitro to a veterinary clinic but he died shortly after.

Yolo County Sheriff's Office:

Deputy Jose Antonio "Tony" Diaz

End of watch: June 15, 2008

Deputy Tony Diaz was shot and killed while making a traffic stop in Dunnigan. After a short pursuit, the suspect fled the vehicle and shot Deputy Diaz in the left chest. Deputy Diaz was able to call for help after being shot and was transported to a hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

The suspect was apprehended by the Yolo County SWAT team the next day. He was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to death in 2012.

Deputy Diaz served with the Yolo County Sheriff's Office for four years.