During the end of year holidays, Sacramento plays hosts to a number of events that attract visitors to the downtown area.

A downtown ice skating rink, lighted boat parade, and Old Sacramento’s Theatre of Lights are a few events that draw in thousands each year.

Scott Ford with the Downtown Sacramento Partnership says the events bring people to the area who are likely to later explore local shops or restaurants.

“It really reintroduces the community to just how many locally-owned businesses there are down here,” Ford said.

Old Sacramento sees an estimate 30 percent increase in visitors during the end of year holidays, Ford said.

Troy Carlson is a co-owner of Stage Nine, a pop-culture retail store that’s been in business nearly 25 years in Old Sacramento. He also owns a neighboring toy store.

“It’s a great time because it’s busy on the weekends and then on the weekdays your locals are coming down to get their shopping done,” Carlson said.

Ford explained visitors who come out to holiday events are also likely to visit again throughout the year.