Several yards of homes near the Mangan Park gun range showed high levels of lead after testing in October.

The range closed several years ago.

Mayra Arellano's soil in her yard was one of 11 that had an elevated level of lead that officials say "may be a health concern."

Arellano said she can't help but be concerned since she's four months pregnant.

In October, the city did a random testing of 29 yards near the range. There was a wide range of lead levels that varied between homes that were right next to each other.

"Me and my family has been wondering what's gonna happen if they're gonna clean it or if they're gonna leave it like that or what's going on," Arellano said.

I reached out to the city to get some answers.

Chris Conlin, director of parks and recreation, says the next step is to make sure the lead did in fact come from the gun range.

"Part of what we need to determine is the source," Conlin said. "There is a multiple possible source. The houses were constructed in the 60's so it would be from lead paint, piping, it could be from other things like lead fuel that might've been in the yards."

I also asked about the impact for those people who had elevated levels of lead in their yards.

"It could be over long duration if by some chance if you had elevated levels it could possibly mean you would in take the lead," Conlin said. "If anybody has health concerns what we've told them to do is to get blood testing."

Here's more information on lead test kits.