Yuba County has had their share of chaos this year, from the Oroville Dam to the Cascade Fire.

So what have they learned?

For one, notifications are not one-size-fits-all.

"Social media is a great tool, but we're finding out a lot of folks still need that information," said Russ Brown, Yuba County spokesman.

As for money the county has spent and damage estimates, that remains to be seen.

After the Oroville Dam crisis and damage caused by high rivers and rains, reimbursement claims totaled nearly $20 million.

"Money for emergency is realized after the emergency, that accounting is far from being done," said Brown.

FEMA is setting up a local assistance center -- open Wednesday through Friday -- at the county's Government Center in Marysville.

There, fire victims can get all sorts of questions answered from a variety of agencies.