It's been several months since any significant rain fell in the Valley.

I took my car over to Henning Mortensen, an instructor with Bond Driving School in Sacramento, to prepare for the upcoming storms.

He showed us the "penny" test to check our tires.

"The Lincoln's head disappears into the thread," Mortensen said. "Your tires are good. You want to make sure you're free of rocks."

He also recommended to clean out the headlights and make sure they are still pointing straight. After a while, some of them may point outwards or become unaligned.

He took me out on the road to test my skills on how to prepare for the rainy weather.

"The first 30 minutes it starts raining, the oil comes off the roadway and that kind of starts draining to the sides and it becomes slippery," Mortensen said. "Sometimes, you can see the oils and the different colors on the top of the road."

He said one of the things never to do is to break hard when hydroplaning. It prevents you from having control of the wheel.

"The ABS breaks is a great thing and it does help a lot but if you don't have ABS, you can pump the break," Henning said.

He showed me how to practice. He said the main thing is not let go of the breaks.

However, no matter how much we practice, the real test is when we come face-to-face with it.