On Sunday in Southside Park, most people moved away from the play ground to get cool by the pool. Father's Day broke the heat record for the day at 106 degrees in Sacramento.

Dr. Jeff Rodgerson, the chief of emergency medicine at Kaiser Permanente South Sacramento, warns the elderly and children to stay cool to prevent heatstroke.

"We really want to look out for them to make sure they are safe. Things you can do is, move them to a cold or colder environment, cold showers, those kinds of things can really help, cold fluids," Dr. Jeff Rodgerson said. "We should check out on the elderly, those that live alone twice a day because they can get in trouble quickly."

While many chill out by the pool it is important to remember that furry friends get heat stroke too. Vets recommend if your animal gets overheated to give them cool water and move to the shade. If it is serious take the animal into a hospital. Alex Lobatos said the weather is rough on his pup, Odie.

"I have people bring me water, we throw him in the water and he gets wet, kicks back and relaxes," Lobatos said.

Lobatos said he is homeless but instead of having Odie walk everywhere, he places the dog in his bike trailer.

If the heat is too much and you want to save money on electricity, or your AC is broken, there are cooling centers that provide relief.

ABC10's Anne Di Grazia went to the newest cooling center at the Hart Senior Center on 915 27th Street.

"We are so thankful for this program here oh my God, they could be dead today, they are saving our lives," one woman said, who took her cats to the cooling center after her AC broke.

Roseanne Vernardy has fans going and the AC blasting until the end of the week, all are welcome with snacks and water included.

"There is a lot of conversation and good environment, its a friendly scene," Vernardy said.

For a full list of cooling centers, click here.